Kate Middleton Topless: Prince William Wants Photographer Valarie Suau Jailed?

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(Photo: Twitter: Raisha Fazwin)Kate Middleton visits Kuala Lumpur on Sept 14, 2012.

Prince William is reportedly so furious over Kate Middleton's recent photo scandal that he has vowed to see the photographer who is responsible, jailed over the ordeal.

The Duke of Cambridge, 30, was allegedly seething with rage after a French publication published topless photographs of his wife of over one year in its Friday issue.

Prince William allegedly told pals "I want them jailed," according to RadarOnline.com.

The Royal couple, who is currently in the middle of a nine-day tour of Asia to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, was understandably shaken and outraged after learning that paparazzi had secretly snapped intrusive photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge, 30, sunbathing at a private estate while on vacation with Prince William in France on Sept. 7. They filed a lawsuit against Closer magazine on Friday.

"Legal proceedings for breach of privacy have been commenced today in France," a spokesperson for St. James Palace confirmed in a statement.

French photographer Valarie Suau admitted to taking pictures of both Prince William and Middleton, who were sunbathing on the terrace of the $20million holiday retreat owned by Viscount Linley, the Queen's nephew. At one point an unsuspecting Middleton was topless and exposing her derrière, although Suau insists that she did not take or release any semi-nude photos.

France's Closer magazine published the scandalous photos alongside the headline "World Exclusive; Kate and William in Provence: Oh My God!" Some of the text included in the lewd article reads "Discover the incredible pictures of the future Queen of England as you've never seen her before ... and as you will never see her again!"

Now Italian tabloid, Chi magazine, will follow suit in publishing semi-nude photos of Middleton in a special 26-page edition. Despite receiving widespread backlash, unapologetic editor, Alfonso Signorini, adamantly said that "not even a direct call from the Queen" would stop him publishing the inappropriate photos.

Middleton was allegedly willing to turn a blind eye in the hope that the media circus would die down, but Prince William is intent on pursuing legal actions.

"By setting a precedent and suing Closer, Prince William is making a stand for the future. He told Kate that enough was enough, especially after what happened recently with [Prince] Harry, and that he had to protect his wife and any kids they have in the future," a source said.

"He grew up in the media glare with his mom, Diana, and is well aware that he has to do something to ensure the Duchess of Cambridge's security and right to privacy," the source added.