Kate Middleton's Nose: Women Get Plastic Surgery to Get Duchess' Nose (VIDEO)

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(Photo: REUTERS/Kirsty Wigglesworth/Pool)Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge listens to her husband Prince William deliver a speech during a visit to Cambridge University in Cambridge, central England November 28, 2012.

Kate Middleton's nose is in hot demand; the Duchess of Cambridge has become such a global icon of grace and beauty that women are allegedly trying to copy everything about her - with one of her most popular assets apparently now being revealed as her nose.

It seems that since her high profile Royal wedding to Prince William, everything she wears, and every style she promotes seems to gain huge exposure and increases in popularity.

From her wedding gown, to her engagement dress, as well as her hair, people around the world have gone crazy for anything associated with the Duchess.

However, the obsession has gone way beyond just fashion and accessories; people are apparently going under the knife to have their noses made just like the Duchess.

Apparently Middleton's nose has a feminine look, with a cute upturn at the end, and is also in perfect proportion to the rest of her face, according to facial experts, who are attempting to explain why so many people want to have Middleton's nose.

According to ABC News, one woman, Jessica Blaier, wanted so desperately to look like Kate Middleton that she took one of her favorite photos of Middleton to Dr. Thomas Romo III, who is a director of facial plastic surgery at Lennox Hill Hospital in Manhattan. Showing him the photo of Kate, she explained that she wanted her nose to look just like Middleton's.

According to the report, Blaier paid $12,000 to have plastic surgery so that she could have Kate Middleton's nose moulded on her face.

Blaier has since come on Good Morning America to talk about her procedure. The 21 year old woman said, "Every time she smiled I was like 'Wow! I want my nose to be like that'."

The young woman explained to the TV hosts that she had always felt her own nose was too big for her face, and that she hated the way it looked when she smiled.

Her displeasure with her looks led her to seek a different nose, and after going under the knife she insists that she is happy with the results.

She explained, "I try to get in every picture I can. Her nose is what I modeled with and that's what I got. It was definitely a process, but it was so worth it."

Here is a video report of women getting surgery to try to get their noses looking like Kate Middleton's: