Kate Middleton's Valentine's Day Gift

The Duchess of Cambridge has received a bouquet of red roses and a card from an 8-year-old while touring charitable organizations on Valentine's Day Tuesday.

The roses were presented by Jaqson Johnston-Lynch in Liverpool, England. The Duchess received the Valentine's gifts as she stopped by the alcohol-free bar, Brink, for recovering alcoholics and run by Action on Addiction.

Johnston-Lynch addressed the card to "Your Royal Highness," reported The Associated Press.

"Happy Valentine's Day," continued the young Brit in his card, whose mother runs Action on Addiction. "I'm sorry Prince William can't be here."

Also, the young fan gave Middleton a cupcake decorated with "Jaqson Loves Kate" in a heart.

Middleton assured his mother, Jacquie, that she received flowers and a card from her husband that morning, although Prince William was deployed to the Falklands.

As a patron of Action on Addiction, Middleton's visit included sipping a smoothie made from almonds, skimmed milk, a drop of honey, banana, and cream named "The Duchess" in her honor.

"That's seriously good," said Middleton after trying the smoothie, according to ABC News.

Regardless of Prince William being 8,000 away from his wife, the Duchess spent Valentine's Day in high spirits as crowds greeted her with more bouquets and cards. She also visited Alder Hey Children's Hospital later during the day. Patients at Adler are treated for cancer and burn injuries.

The Duchess was wearing a chocolate-brown wool overcoat by Hobbs. The coat was reported by Britain's Mirror to have sold out online just one hour after Middleton was pictured wearing it. She has cemented her status as a fashion icon over the past year, and her Valentine's Day look was a testament to the mounting market power she has.

Middleton's outings on Valentine's Day marked her second official engagement without her husband. Meanwhile, Prince William continues his six-week Royal Air Force deployment.

The Air Force mission in the British-controlled Falkland Islands has been deemed "a provocation" by Argentina who claims the islands as their own ahead of the 30th anniversary of the war between the two countries.