Kate Upton, Blake Griffin Dating? Model Spotted With LA Clippers' Player

Kate Upton may have to swap out baseball games for basketball, according to a new report claiming the model has developed an interest in NBA player Blake Griffin.

Upton was previously dating MLB player Justin Verlander from the Detroit Tigers, but fans of the team objected to the model dating one of the team's starting pitchers. The pair split around Valentine's Day, with Kate Upton posting a tweet stating that she was newly single.

Her interest in pro-athletes has not decreased, however, and it appears that Upton may have a new love interest. This time however, Upton is stepping away from the pit and opting for an indoor court instead. The model was seen holding hands with the L.A. Clippers' Blake Griffin on Wednesday, according to The New York Post. The pair was spotted in New York City's Beauty and Essex.

"Blake called Kate and invited her to come by [the club]," a source told The Post. The group then moved their party to a new city night spot called "The Box."

"Kate was whispering in Blake's ear as they were watching the show," the source continued, suggesting that the pair sat close and appeared cozy. Sources close to the model, though, have stated that Upton and Griffin are "just friends."

Despite the dismissal that the pair was dating, Upton still distanced herself from Verlander on Twitter while wishing Verlander's best friend a happy birthday. The friend, Frank Viola, was introduced to Upton while she was dating Verlander, according to Fansided.

"Happy birthday to a friend of a friend who I now like more than the original friend," Upton wrote in a not-so-subtle message on her Twitter.

The message was deleted moments later and replaced with an ordinary birthday card.