Kate Upton Mercedes Benz Ad: To Feature Alongside Usher

Kate Upton has been cast to star in a Mercedes Benz ad for the Super Bowl, although promoting cars may seem an unusual job for a model that can't drive.

The 20 year-old rising star of the modeling world recently agreed to join R&B artist Usher for a Mercedes Benz commercial that will air during the Super Bowl in 2013. According to reports that ad will be a 60 second demonstration of what people are willing to do, in order to achieve the "object of their desire."

But Upton, who has revealed that she does not yet have a license, will be unable to do any driving in the commercial and thus, will be portrayed as the "object of desire," according to the New York Post. It appears that Usher will be left to do the driving, and presumably the desiring as well.

This year's Super Bowl will also be held at the Mercedes Benz Dome in New Orleans, which has encouraged the car company to fund a half time ad after skipping out on producing one this year according to Mail Online. But should Upton be permitted to promote a car when she has no driving experience whatsoever? Why not said one user.

"I'm sure all these young, attractive models in the Carls Jr. ads don't really chow down on burgers, but that doesn't stop them from being in the ads," one user wrote on the Mail Online blog.

Upton also recently did a shoot for Vogue Italia.