Kate Upton's Makeover: She's More Than an 'Old-Fashioned Body Girl' (PHOTO)

Kate Upton's makeover for Vogue is a far cry from the image that she has built her reputation upon and could be more than shocking for some, who doubted the model's potential.

Kate Upton made a name for herself as a model when she gained notoriety with a YouTube video of her doing the "dougie" dance. Her fame then escalated when she was chosen as the cover girl for the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition. Both roles, however, gave Upton a less sophisticated look that at times has earned her negative review.

Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, the cast director for the Victoria's Secret Fashion show, also stated that rising model Kate Upton would never walk the runway for Victoria's Secret.

"She's like a page 3 girl," Ms. Neophitou told The New York Times earlier this year.

The director also called Upton's look "too obvious" and easily purchased. "She's like a footballer's wife, with the too-blond hair and that kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy."

"She wasn't 'fashion' enough," Ivan Bart of IMG Models told The Times about the first time he introduced Upton to his agency.

Upton was however, good enough to be on the front cover of Vogue. While her look may not have been deemed very high fashion at the beginning of her career, it may just be that Upton could change high fashion altogether. Upton has even said so much herself.

"People told me I couldn't be fashion, that I'm just an old-fashioned body girl, only good for swimwear," Upton said. "But I knew that I could bring back the supermodel."

Of course if Vogue doesn't count as high fashion, then readers have been wasting money on paperweights for their desk it would seem. Upton appears on the cover of the next Fall issue wearing clothes that will likely make more than one or two people turn heads and this time it won't just be the men who are gawking.