Kate Winslet Unhappy About 'Titanic' 3-D Reboot?

Actress Kate Winslet has said that she feels “weird” about the upcoming 3-D version of her 1997 hit movie "Titanic."

The epic romance film, directed by James Cameron, joins a slew of other film reboots of late. And Winslet’s “Titanic” co-star Leonardo DiCaprio was exulted over the news.

Winslet on the other hand said that filming the movie feels “like a distant memory,” and that she is disconnected from the person she was during production in the ‘90s.

The actress was 22-years-old when she played the role of Rose DeWitt Bukater on the doomed luxury liner.

“At the end of the day, it’s weird. It’s really weird because its 15 years ago and, I don’t know. I feel very disconnected now from actually what was going on in my life at the time and how I felt,” Winslet, 36, told Stylist.com.

The mother of two added, “A lot of it, it does really feel like a distant memory, so it’s going to be quite strange to have that sort of [thing] thrusted into people’s faces all over again.”

All strangeness aside, Winslet did express excitement over the reboot earning new “Titanic” fans – possibly fans with a special connection to the original film.

“I’ve no idea that it’ll be like, the experience, but it’s exciting to think that a whole new generation of young men and women who, perhaps, haven’t seen it, who may have been conceived after the first date night of a couple going to see ‘Titanic,’” said the actress.

Winslet added, “It does mean that a whole new generation of people will be seeing the film, and that’s fantastic. That’s wonderful.”

Speaking of the effects of viewing the film in 3-D, the actress said she is “fascinated.”

“I still haven’t seen any of it,” said Winslet. “I know a couple of people who have, and they’re like, ‘It looks amazing.’”

“Titanic” 3-D will hit theaters April 6, 2012.