Kathryn Kalikow Arrested: Daughter of Former New York Post Owner Arrested in Heroin Bust

Kathryn Kalikow, daughter of the former New York Post owner, has claimed that she is a drug addict following her Sunday arrest.

Kalikow and her boyfriend, Brian Whalen, were arrested in Bronx, New York on Sunday after attempting to sell over $400 worth of heroin. Upon arrest both Kalikow, 27, and Whalen admitted that they were drug addicts, according to court papers obtained by The Daily News.

The proclamation however, may just be an attempt to set up a strong defense, some reports have claimed. Under a 2009 law judges are permitted to allow low-level offenders to go to rehab, avoiding jail time.

The couple attempted to sell the illegal substance on Craigslist. The ad read: "Discreet & professional ... high quality diesel pain relief" with a list of drug nicknames that included: "Stamps, H train, dope, bundlers, tickets, dog food."

An undercover police officer responded to the ad and scheduled a meet up with the couple in the Bronx. Upon arrest, Whalen admitted that he was a "drug addict."

"It was my idea to go on Craigslist and post the ad," he said, according to court papers. "I need treatment. I am a heroin addict, and to afford the drugs I agreed to sell some of the drug on consignment from the person I buy from."

Kalikow also admitted that she had drugs on her but that they did not belong to her.

"Yes, I have drugs," she told him, according to prosecutors. "He's my boyfriend - I was holding on to it for him."

The couple was arraigned on Monday and charged with drug possession with the intent to sell. Both pleaded not guilty.