Kathy Wakile Reveals Why She is Stepping Back From 'RHONJ'

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Kathy Wakile is revealing why she is taking a step back from "Real Housewives of New Jersey" during its sixth season.

Wakile, the cousin of the Bravo television show's star Teresa Giudice, joinend the show in its fourth season. While she is no longer going to be a prominent personality on the series, the mother of two spoke will still appear on the series as a supporting cast member from time to time.

However, Wakile is letting it be known that she has no issues with stepping back from the spotlight.

"I'm so happy to be part of the Bravo family. I have enjoyed being a RHONJ Housewife and have now agreed to terms that give me the opportunity to film the show in a way which better suits my lifestyle," she told E! News. "I've been able to get to know the new girls on my terms while remaining free to focus on other great things, including the expansion of my businesses."

Wakile is gearing up to release a dessert cookbook later this year while expanding her dessert line, Dolci Della Dea, according to E! However, she spoke about also adapting to the changes taking place on the show.

"With everything in life, the key to growing and evolving is adapting to change and what my family and close friends tell me, that is my strong suit. The most important thing is being happy, healthy and pursuing your dreams, which I have to say is something I get to experience everyday," she told E! "I am looking forward to the viewers sharing with my family and I, including my sister Rosie, in all we have been up to since last season and thank them for the continuous support."

While Wakile will no longer star in the show, the preview of season six shows her still being a topic of conversation for her cousin Teresa. In one scene, it seems the cast is celebrating Kathy's desserts at an event.

When one of the show's three newest housewives holds up a cannoli that looks to be from Kathy's cannoli line, Teresa does not seem happy.

"You better get that cannoli out of my face," Teresa says in the preview. "I'm serious."

In her confessional like interview, Teresa can be seen saying, "How do you spell '(expletive)'? K-A-T-H-Y."

Season six of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" is scheduled to premiere July 13 on Bravo TV.