Katie Couric and Jimmy Buffett Sing Duet on Stage (VIDEO)

Katie Couric took the stage to serve as Jimmy Buffet's back up singer on a number of songs Tuesday night in Indiana.

The broadcast journalist proved that she was multi-talented on Tuesday after she earned the praise of Buffet, who suggested that her stage appearance could be a new career entry for her. Couric, however, did not take the stage in order to break into the music industry, but rather for a segment on her new show "Katie."

The new show will air Sept. 10 on ABC and will debut Couric's supposed singing abilities. Meanwhile, she won't be putting Buffet out of business anytime soon.

"She can sing. So, it could be a career-starting move for her. I don't think it's going to be a career-ending move for me," Buffet said of Couric, according to WRTV-TV.

Although not seeking a singing career, Couric still seemed enthused to take the stage.

"Getting ready to be a Reeferette last night for @JimmyBuffett!!" Couric tweeted before she went on stage.

One of the first series to debut of Couric's new show will be YOLO- short for "You Only Live Once"- which is why the broadcaster decided to suddenly sample her vocal skills.

The new show is slated to be an hour long lifestyle show catered to topics that Couric finds interesting. It has been slated as "news and topics that interest everyone." In an interview with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, Couric described her new show as a mix between Oprah and the "Today Show," which she once co-anchored alongside Matt Lauer on CBS.

ABC News President Ben Sherwood expressed his excitement via email when it was first announced in June that Couric would be moving to ABC.

"Katie is committed to helping us uphold the great traditions of ABC News as we strive to build the news division of the future," he wrote.