Katie Holmes and Confidence Coach Begin Work Together

Katie Holmes has reportedly hired a confidence coach to help rebuild her persona after divorcing Tom Cruise. The now-single mother hopes to jump start her career and is uncertain about what direction to go in now that she is alone after five years of marriage.

"Katie is keen to find her own voice, so she has sought professional help and has employed a confidence and life coach who she's been seeing once a week to help her regain who she once was," a friend told Grazia.

Even though Holmes has appeared in public with daughter Suri, she has not ventured to any major events since news of her separation from Cruise broke. "She really never anticipated life post-Tom would be like this, and we're all hoping it turns around for her soon," the friend added.

Holmes was scheduled to appear at a gala for her personal organization, the Dizzy Feet Foundation, but at the last minute "just couldn't do it. She just didn't seem to have the confidence and was too scared to set foot in L.A., where she feared her every move would be watched," a confidante told Radar.

It is true that Holmes appears confident when she appears with Suri, but that could be a sign of strength for her daughter. Suri has spent the past week with her dad in Florida, which has left Holmes alone. It could be that she needs help regaining control after allegedly having her life planned by Cruise.

Yet one source has shot down that idea by telling Radar Online, "When before she used to fret if she was ever single, now she's happy to be alone. Katie's enjoying her independence and is working on herself right now. Now, she has full control over what she wants to do and that freedom is exciting for her."