Katie Holmes Dating: Swears Off Actors?

Newly divorced Katie Holmes has reportedly opened up about her future plans for romance, vowing to never date another actor again.

The 33-year-old mother-of-one recently split from Tom Cruise, her husband of six years.

According to sources close to Holmes, the actress admitted she is not yet ready to date, but that when she is, no thespians will be considered.

"Katie doesn't want to tie herself down just yet, but she says she's done going out with actors," said an insider speaking to RadarOnline.com.

"Her previous relationships with Joshua [Jackson] and Chris [Klein] and Tom [Cruise] didn't work out, so she thinks she should look away from her own profession," explained the source.

The "Dawson's Creek" star has remained busy following her divorce living in New York City with daughter Suri, 6, and establishing herself as a designer with her label Holmes & Yang.

Holmes started the label with her stylist Jeanne Yang in 2009. The debuted the label at New York Fashion Week last month.

Yang is reportedly helping introduce Holmes to potential love interests, reported Radar.

"Jeanne … has taken Katie to some art gallery openings recently and she's met tons of interesting artists," the insider continued. "She's been saying now that if she does date anyone, it could be someone who works in the arts world."

Holmes does not behave like a celebrity, and has been spotted riding the NYC subways. She was rumored to be consulting a specialist in order to help her rediscover herself following her split, according to Daily Mail.

Moreover, the actress avoids the celebrity lifestyle on purpose, added Radar Online's insider.

"Katie's more interested in the quiet life now and an unassuming artist would fit the bill perfectly for when she's ready," the source revealed. "Katie is just flourishing in her new life."

Holmes will appear in the upcoming Broadway show "Dead Accounts" next month.