Katie Holmes, Suri in Car Accident?

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise could have been involved in a minor car accident on Monday night, the latest in a series on dramatic events to impact the mother-daughter duo this month.

Both Holmes and Suri were reportedly seated in the back seat of their Mercedes-Benz limousine when it was suddenly sideswiped by a garbage truck in New York City, according to x17online.com.

The luxury sedan was hit on its rear driver's side by the sanitation dump truck near the 6-year-old's gymnastics class at Chelsea Piers.

Police were called to the scene to take down an incident report, although there were no reported injuries at the scene.

Holmes and her daughter, who live in the upscale neighborhood of Chelsea, were not spotted at the scene which has raised questions about whether they were actually in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

The accident news follows reports that the 33-year-old actress is still in love with Tom Cruise, despite abruptly ending their 5-year marriage on June 28.

"She actually still loves Tom but would rather leave him than have Suri turned against her," a source told Us Weekly Magazine.

Holmes, who was raised Catholic, was reportedly concerned about "[Cruise's] inner circle and the people handling [Suri]. They were so controlling it was terrifying," an insider said.

Cruise, a devout Scientologist, reportedly made plans to send Suri to a radical Scientology center known as the Sea Organization, which terrified Holmes.

Sea Org is composed of adults and minors who have committed their lives to the volunteer service of their religion, and various ex-members have blasted the organization and its practices as being unhealthy, according to TMZ.com.

Even after dumping Cruise, 50, Holmes was still reportedly so concerned about Suri having any type of Scientology-based upbringing that she demanded that her divorce attorneys establish a clause in the former couple's divorce settlement agreement which prohibits Cruise from ever exposing Suri to the controversial cult.

"Suri is Katie's number one priority. Tom only has Scientologists that work for him and Katie insisted that her staff will always be with their daughter. Under terms of the settlement, Suri isn't permitted to be exposed to anything Scientology related and this includes going to any Scientology churches, parties, etc. Katie made sure that this was ironclad in the agreement," an insider told Radar Online.