Katy Perry and Wide Awake Video: Star Finds Her Inner Child (VIDEO)

Katy Perry is "Wide Awake" despite the dream-like content of her latest video that seems laden with hidden meanings.

Katy Perry has been through a lot since her beginnings as an artist. Born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, the pop star was once a humble Christian music singer with not much of a following. Katheryn turned into Katy Hudson, which turned into Katy Perry, and later Mrs. Brand, only to change back to Katy Perry.

Following a difficult break from her former love Russell Brand, Perry's new video seems to have a central theme of protecting the person she is inside regardless of all of her fame and the changes in her life. This theme is reflected on by a younger Katy Perry, as the two of them take on villains in the video and fight to come out on top.

The first transition into the video dream world shows darkness, with Perry seemingly trapped in a large labyrinth type place. The star appears lost in the maze until she meets up with a little girl, presumably a younger version of herself. The first scene in which the two touch hands appears to be moment of revelation for Perry, who seems to rediscover or reconnect with herself.

Hand in hand, the pair then battles their first obstacle, a celebrity lifestyle and being in the spotlight when you feel like the ground is falling out from under you- the ground literally breaks beneath their feet. Perry's image is then shattered with a breaking mirror and the next scene shows the young girl pushing Perry through what looks like a psyche ward.

The next moment is crucial as the young Kate Perry battles the fantastic beasts alone while the celebrity Perry is feeble in a wheel chair. When the small Perry stands up to the fantasy's minotaur before her, the older Perry is reawakened from her stupor and crawls out of her own skin to stand again.

The two run from the psyche ward and escape into a different kind of fantasy land which presents itself as a sort of magical garden, with prince charming included. The prince however is deceptive, crossing his fingers behind his back as he reaches to take the big Perry's hand. Perry reaches out but then punches the prince in the face, defeating yet another disillusion before the two are both set free and find the light at the end.

The small Perry then rides her bike off, but the connection and experience between the two is evident as it appears the Perry has found herself. The plate on the back also reveals the name Katheryn, further enforcing the idea that the young girl is Perry before she became lost in the celebrity world.