Katy Perry Honors Pastor Parents With 70th Birthday Party Despite Their Differences (Video)

Mary Hudson poses with her daughter, Katy Perry, at a UNICEF event, November 2016. | (Photo: Instagram/Maryarises)

Pop superstar Katy Perry took to social media on Thursday after she celebrated her minister parents with a huge 70th disco-themed birthday party.

Perry's parents are traveling evangelical ministers and although in the past the singer has shared her animosity about her Christian upbringing, she has recently been praising her parents in public.

The 32-year-old shared that she and her siblings got together and threw their parents, Mary and Keith Hudson, a 70th birthday bash last week in Santa Barbara, California. The themed party gathered all of the Perry/Hudson clan together in their best 70s-inspired outfit.

Both parents wore tie-dye outfits, Keith a suit and Mary a dress. Perry shared clips of all the psychedelic party fun on her Instagram story.

The footage shows Perry, her brother, and sister presenting their parents with a huge disco ball cake with a 70 on top. The fun continued with a Soul Train dance costume contest announced by Perry and a limbo contest.