Katy Perry, John Mayer Song: 'Who You Love' Duet Released After Reconciliation (AUDIO)

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(PHOTO) Instagram: @katyperryKaty Perry and John Mayer embrace one another

Katy Perry and John Mayer debuted their first ever duet together on Aug. 12 and the song, entitled "Who You Love," went viral on social networking sites.

Perry, who is currently working on her fourth studio album "Prism," reportedly recorded the love song with Mayer, 35, in recent months. The pop star debuted the duet on "The Morning Mash Up" live on SiriusXM on Monday.

"My girl, she ain't the one that I saw coming / sometimes I don't know which way to go / and I tried to run before but I'm not running anymore / 'cause I fought against it hard enough to know / that you love who you love who you love," Mayer sings.

"My boy he ain't the one that I saw coming / and some have said his heart's too hard to hold / and it takes a little time / but you should see him when he shines / 'cause you never want to let that feeling go / when you love who you love who you love," Perry responds.

The pair, who has dated on-and-off for one year, split in March before reconciling in July, and the song's lyrics appear to reflect issues they have faced throughout their relationship. At the end of the mid-tempo track, Perry is heard laughing and she explained this in an interview.

"I think that's just a love giggle. It's like the ones that Mariah Carey had in 1990 ... Yeah I think I was going for that, I think I was just so happy, I love that song," Perry told SIRIUSXM's Morning Mash Up.

"It's very humanizing," she added about her giggle. "It's like the real moment, you're catching the real moment there."

Perry, 28, who was once married to British comedian Russell Brand, spoke candidly about her relationship with Mayer during an interview with Vogue magazine. The "Hot N Cold" singer professed her love for the "Say" singer despite their most recent split.

"I was madly in love with him. I still am madly in love with him. All I can say about that relationship is that he's got a beautiful mind," Perry told the July issue of Vogue regarding Mayer.

"Who You Love" will reportedly be featured on Mayer's upcoming six studio album, "Paradise Valley."