Katy Perry Skintight Ballot Dress Encourages Voters to Choose Obama (VIDEO)

Katy Perry showed her support for president Obama on Saturday by flashing patriotic dresses on stage while singing at a benefit concert for his campaign.

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(PHOTO:Twitter/Juan C Arciniegas)Perry wears dress endorsing Obama.

Perry showed off her patriotic side on Saturday at a political rally at Delta Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Perry began her performance on stage wearing a white dress wrapped in red and blue ribbons. But at sometime during the performance, she casted her dress aside to reveal an even more patriotic dress that revealed the "Forward" slogan of the Obama campaign.

She paired the dress to the tune of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together." Her background dancers also joined in on the patriotic theme wearing white button downs with bow ties and blue bottoms.

Perry then revealed a third patriotic number- this time a white dress with a ballot form printed on it. The dress listed both Obama and Mitt Romney, but with the box next to Obama filled in. The singer also unveiled the dresses while singing at a different rally in Las Vegas last month.

But Perry is not the only celebrity to jump onboard and become politically active in this campaign. Actresses like Sarah Jessica Parker have hosted dinner parties to raise funds. And Will Ferrell recently appeared in a YouTube video stating that he would do anything, including eating "garbage" or "human hair" if fans agreed to vote for Obama.

"I'm serious, I'll do anything it takes," the comedian says pleading voters to hit the ballots on Nov. 6. "It's a slam dunk" the actor adds, while catching a football.

But Obama is not the only one with celebrity endorsements. Mr. Burns of "The Simpsons" has pledged his vote for Romney.

"I have to say that, despite those unimaginably horrible good job numbers, we're feeling pretty confident," C. Montgomery Burns says in a new "ad" endorsing Romney over President Barack Obama.