Katy Perry's Christian Parents Thought 'I Kissed a Girl' Would Ruin Ministry

Katy Perry's Christian Parents Thought 'I Kissed a Girl' Would Ruin Ministry

Katy Perry may have sung her way to fame with her 2008 hit "I Kissed a Girl," but her Christian parents initially thought the song about a same-sex encounter would bring an end to their ministry.

Perry, 27-year-old singer and songwriter, said breaking the news of a homosexual-friendly song to two parents who were Christian ministers was not easy. In an recent preview clip from her upcoming big screen documentary, "Part of me: 3D," the singer's older sister Angela revealed that she broke the news to their parents.

"When Katy decided that 'I Kissed a Girl' was going to be her first single, I said, 'Have you told mom and dad,'" Angela recalled of breaking the news to their parents. "And she said, 'No, but can you?'"

Keith Hudson, the singer's father who runs Keith and Mary Hudson Ministries with Katy's mother, admitted that he was worried when the news of their daughter's musical direction broke.

"I was a little concerned, yeah, 'cause I thought my ministry after 30-something years is over," Hudson said in the documentary. "But, you know what? Never had a problem."

While Perry admitted that her parents' Christian values forced her to live a sheltered life, she said they were more accepting of her lifestyle choices, especially concerning her choice to surround herself with homosexual people.

"I was set to think that gay people were an abomination, so I was not allowed to speak to anyone who was obviously fabulous and I was never allowed to associate with that type of people," Perry revealed in a recent interview with Pride Source. "Really, generally, I was never allowed to associate with anybody that wasn't Christian, so I was kind of trapped in a bubble and then it finally burst years later, and now I think that 90 percent of everyone I work with, from my assistant to two out of three of my managers, is either gay or lesbian."

Still, Perry does not regret the way she was raised and said her parents have been accepting of her decisions.

"It's been an incredible journey of acceptance and tolerance," the singer told the publication. "My parents have actually become more accepting and tolerant now. We've all grown up and evolved and broadened our mindset."

Despite her decision to perform music that may seem controversial to the Christian community, the chart-topping singer has never shied away from crediting the Christian church for giving her a start as a performer.

"The atmosphere I grew up in was 100 percent Christian," Perry said in a clip of her upcoming movie. "I started singing in the church, I never really had another plan."

Years later, Perry became the first female artist to have five singles from one album top the Billboard 200 charts with her 2010 studio album release, "Teenage Dream." Now, the singer is gearing up to release her first big screen documentary, "Part of me: 3D," which premieres in theaters on July 5.


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