Katy Perry's Grammy Award Performance and New Hollywood Movie Deal

Katy Perry has just been added to the list of performers who will take the stage February 12 for the 2012 Grammy Awards. The singer has made a strong comeback since her recent break up with Russell Brand, and may even appear in a Hollywood film.

Current Grammy nominee Katy Perry, has been added to the list of performers for the 54th Grammy Awards. The official Grammy site announced that Perry would be performing on Wednesday morning, alongside other music artists including Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Taylor Swift.

This will be Perry's second performance since her divorce was announced with Russell Brand in 2011. Her first performance in January caused a stir when Perry kissed and un-suspecting male fan on the cheek.

After many commented on the incident in consideration of her recent divorce announcement, the star turned to Twitter to calm fans down. "I have *kissed* 1 boy, picked randomly out of the audience, on the cheek as part of my show for all 125 tour dates," she tweeted. "Simmer down now."

Perry appears to have moved past her heartbreak in more ways than one. The Hollywood Reporter has also announced that the singer is currently in talks with Paramount Studios to produce a new film. The documentary styled film will be shot in 3-D and is remnant of recent concert films that have done well in theaters.