Artist Makes Switch From Teen Pop to Christian Music

Christian artist Katelynne Cox recently released her debut full length album, One Girl. Cox stands out in the crowd among other young Christian artists. What makes her different is not her passion for God lived out in her music or her busy schedule, juggling her music and college careers, but that she experienced a life changing encounter with Christ while working on her album.

Cox describes the original intent for the album, which took two years to complete, as “ ...the typical teenie bop, pop kind of music.” Her focus began to change when she felt led to be a Christian artist.

“When we were about a year into it is when I became a Christian. From everything I had gone through, and all the experience over those two years, I became a Christian and I realized halfway through the project that God didn’t want me to go that route -- that His plan for me was to be a Christian artist. I really felt called to do Christian music and positive music.”

Although her focused changed, Cox has decided to keep the pop songs that were planned for the album as well. She views them as a tool to reach a broader crowd.

“I’m happy with how it turned out because I think by having the typical pop music as well, it draws in a crowd that doesn’t listen to Christian music and still they’re getting that Christian and positive message ... by listening to my music and becoming a Katelynne Cox fan you really get to learn about my faith and the struggles I went through and how God [has] worked great wonders in my life.”

Cox faced many struggles in middle and high school. The switch to a public school from a private school in Cox’s middle school years came with harsh bullying and threats. She recalled that some of her peers were arrested for some of the things that they were doing to her. These trials led to Cox considering to take her own life.