Kayla Chadwick Remains Found; Boyfriend and His Mother Arrested

Kayla Chadwick's remains have been found near Fort Morgan, Colorado. The 17-year-old had been missing since March 2012, and now her boyfriend and his mother have been arrested in connection with her disappearance.

Chadwick reportedly disappeared after having a fight with Ivan Torralba, her boyfriend at the time. He was indicted by a grand jury for perjury, tampering with evidence, and attempting to influence a public servant but was not charged with murder. Torralba was released on $75,000 bond.

He was rearrested this week when found to be in possession of marijuana, and under the age of 21, the minimum age one can legally posses the drug. Torralba is now in jail and will likely remain there, given that a judge boosted his bond to $250,000.

Torralba's mother, Lucila, was also arrested for committing perjury while before the grand jury, and for attempting to influence a public servant. She is free on bond.

Authorities said that new tips led them to the crime scene, and Chadwick's remains.

"There's been new tips and information and interviews that we've conducted that have led us to search areas," Fort Morgan Police Lt. Jared Crone told 7News. "We've never stopped working on this case. We've done at a minimum 200 reports in the last 15 months… Every single thing we've ever heard, we do a report on."

Police found the remains and, using DNA processing, confirmed that they were the remains of Chadwick.

"We sent those items to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation on Monday, and yesterday evening it was confirmed through DNA that those remains did belong to Kayla Chadwick," Crone told CBS 4.

They are hopeful that the remains will provide a cause of death and possibly more information about what happened the night Chadwick disappeared.

"The longer things go, people have a tendency of giving us more information, feeling more comfortable talking with law enforcement and passing information," Crone told Fox 31. "That's what it's come down to at this point."