Ke$ha Forced to Sing "Die Young?: Singer Retracts Comment

Ke$ha has retracted her comments about being "forced" to sing "Die Young," which was pulled from the radio earlier this week.

Since Friday's shooting at Sandy Hook elementary that resulted in the deaths of 20 children, Kesha's once-hit song "Die Young" began to crash on the radio, losing over 19 million listeners.

"Die Young" clocked in at #3 on the radio playlists on Friday (the day of the shooting) ... reaching 167 million listeners nationwide," TMZ reported, after drawing figures from Media Base.

After realizing that the song had been pulled, the singer admitted that she never even wanted to sing it.

"I understand. I had my very own issue with 'die young' for this reason," Ke$ha tweeted on Tuesday (December 18). The tweet was later deleted and replaced by. "I did NOT want to sing those lyrics and I was FORCED TO."

Now however, Ke$ha has stated that she was never actually "forced" to sing the song and only made the statement under pressure, adding that she still identifies with the meaning of the lyrics.

"'Forced' is not the right word. I did have some concerns about the phrase 'Die Young' in the chorus when we were writing the lyrics ... because so many of my fans are young," she posted in a message on her official website. "That's one reason why I wrote so many versions of this song. But the point of the song is the importance of living every day to the fullest and staying young at heart, and these are things I truly believe."

"'Die Young" dropped down to 148 million listeners just days after the shooting, according to TMZ. A music expert also confirmed in the report that it was extremely rare for a song to take such a drastic hit in listeners in such a short amount of time.