Ke$ha Song Pulled: 'Die Young' Loses 19 Million Listeners After Sandy Hook Shooting

Kesha's newest hit song "Die Young" has been pulled off of multiple radio stations according to reports, causing a drastic decrease in listeners.

Since Friday's shooting at Sandy Hook elementary that resulted in the death of 20 children and 7 adults, Kesha's once-hit song "Die Young" has lost a number of fans. Over 19 million people have stopped listening to the hit single.

"Die Young" clocked in at #3 on the radio playlists on Friday (the day of the shooting) ... reaching 167 million listeners nationwide," TMZ reported, after drawing figures from Media Base.

But since the shooting, in which Adam Lanza eventually turned the gun on himself, the song has received a drastic hit in radio plays. On Saturday, the catchy club tune had 3 million less listeners on the radio and it has since only dropped further. By Monday, 19 million less people found an appreciation for the song.

"'Die Young' took a huge hit on the radio ... dropping down to 148 million listeners ... a 19 million drop from what had been a pretty steady rotation before the shooting," TMZ reported.

The singer shared her condolences for the families via her Twitter account.

"My heart goes out deeply to the people of Newtown, Connecticut," the singer wrote on the day of the shooting. On Saturday, she continued to show her sympathy by directing her three million plus followers to a donation link.

"Its beyond words what has happened. Help families affected by the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary by donating," she wrote attaching a link to a donation fund started by One Republic. So far the fund has collected over $70,000.

A music expert also confirmed to TMZ that it was extremely rare for a song to take such a drastic hit in listeners in such a short amount of time.