Kelly Ayotte as VP Hopeful: Promises Romney Will Fix Economy

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney appears to have yet another Vice President prospective on trial, this time Senator Kelly Ayotte.

Last week it was rumored that Republican Mitt Romney would be considering Senator Marco Rubio as a running mate for the upcoming 2012 elections, to help the candidate gain Hispanic voters. This week it appears that Senator Kelly Ayotte is up for her trial run for a chance to snatch up the spot.

Where Rubio may help the presidential nominee gather up more Hispanic voters, Ayotte could likely win over more women. The New Hampshire senator assisted Romney at the Portsmouth Commercial Fishing Pier during a Monday morning event. Ayotte threw her support behind the campaign.

"I'll do whatever I can do that the campaign wants me to do to help make sure they win in November. I just think it's so important for our country," Ayotte told the Wall Street Journal.

"If Washington isn't broken, I don't know what is," Ayotte said, introducing the former Massachusetts governor. "And now more than ever we need Mitt Romney's leadership in the White House."

Romney positioned himself as a supporter of individual rights, accusing Obama of depending on large organizations to save the economy.

"I somehow think the president has this view of the country that big government, big companies and big banks could do a better job managing this economy than individuals free to choose their own course in life and free to choose their own enterprises," Romney stated.

While supporting Romney in November, Ayotte vocalized that she believed Romney to be the right man to get the nation back into order.

"We know that with his experience, he will make sure that we get our fiscal house in order in Washington, that we stop crushing all of us and our children with mountains of debt, and that we get Americans back to work," Ayotte said.