Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock, Boyfriend is 'Ruining' Her Music? (VIDEO)

While Kelly Clarkson may be happy about having a new boyfriend, she has also admitted that being in a relationship has caused her music to suffer.

Kelly Clarkson and her new beau Brandon Blackstock stepped out as a couple for the first time last week at a Barn Party Bonfire Celebration in Tennessee. The pair has apparently been dating since 2011, but kept their relationship a secret, unveiling it in March.

Clarkson was seemingly forced to come out about her love life with Reba McEntire's stepson when she began promoting for "Duets," one of the latest music contests which features Clarkson as one of the mentors. Despite being in a happy relationship, however, the singer, mostly known for her tough break-up songs, admitted that Blackstock had interfered with her work.

"It is killing me. I'm trying to write a tough song and it is coming out like butterflies and rainbows," Clarkson told People magazine. The singer also joked that it was "ruining" her creativity because she kept writing "about all this happy stuff."

Despite the coming release of "Darkside" off of her latest album, Clarkson had admitted that she's seeing nothing but sunshine and lollipops- a problem she doesn't really mind having.

"People are going to be, like, 'What the hell happened to you,'" Clarkson said of her recent writing sessions. "It has been really difficult. I love it. It's an awesome problem to have."

The singer explained that she was just barely finding the time for a relationship, which is why she has chosen now to begin dating again.

"People used to ask, 'Why are you single?' and I'd say, 'It is not in my schedule,' " Clarkson told reporters. "I'm in a relationship right now and I have time for it. I never used to."

Being in a relationship is not in Clarkson's music either, which may mean some major rehauling on her next album.