Kelly Osbourne Drinking Rumor Denied by Osbourne, Radar Online Rebuked

A new exclusive reported that Kelly Osbourne, who was previously committed to sobriety, has returned back to her former partying ways. However, the star has immediately rebuked comments on Twitter, saying that they are untrue despite the evidence given by the gossip site.

According to Radar Online, the 27-year-old has returned to her drinking problem. Osbourne, who had completed a drug and alcohol therapy in 2009, was spotted recently in a drunken state.

"Kelly is definitely off the wagon again -- at least when it comes to drinking," an insider told "I've seen her out drinking cocktails, beer and champagne numerous times, and I've seen her pretty unsteady on her feet too."

Osbourne has dabbled in fashion design, singing, acting, and reality television. She has made appearances on shows like "Dancing with the Stars" and is a co-host on "Fashion Police".

Osbourne attended the Golden Globe Awards for a fashion segment that was to be aired on E, the entertainment channel. She was later reported to be at an after party having more than her fair share of alcohol.

Radar Online claimed that the fashion host attended an event at The Art of Elysium event at Union Station. According to sources, she then became extremely intoxicated and started to lose her balance. "Kelly was so wasted," an eyewitness who partied with the Fashion Police host told "At one point she almost fell back and I had to catch her!"

The source also talked about Osbourne's rift with pop-singer Christian Aguilera, suggesting that Osbourne is even less friendly to the singer when she is not of a clear mind. "When she gets drinking her hatred for Christina Aguilera really comes out," the source said. "She spent the entire night talking about how much she hates Christina!"

However, within an hour of the story trending, Osbourne denied the rumors on Twitter. Osbourne responded directly to Radar Online "Please stop writing bulls*** about me i did not even go to any golden globe parties i was working!"

She later said, "i will say this till I'm blue in the face I DO ENOUGH STUPID S*** YOU DONT NEED TO MAKE THINGS UP."