Kelly Rowland: 'Only God Can Judge Me'

Kelly Rowland, the 32-year-old singer, recently spoke about judgment she may have received from being so candid in her new single "Dirty Laundry."

Rowland is the September issue of Essence magazine where she reveals that she is not interested in what critics have to say about her song. However, the singer admits that she once cared about what people would think of her.

"I didn't want anybody to judge me (on 'Laundry'). But now I don't care," Rowland recently told Essence. "Judge me if you want to. And as a matter of fact, it won't even count, 'cause the only person who can judge is God."

"Started to call them people on him, I was battered / He hit the window like it was me until it shattered," Rowland sings on "Dirty Laundry." "He pulled me out and said 'Don't nobody love you but me not yo mama, not your daddy and especially not Bey' / He turned me against my sister, I missed her."

The singer told Essence magazine that the song had less to do with friend and singer Beyonce Knowles and more with her own unhappiness.

"For a long time I wasn't happy, but that had nothing to do with Beyonce. That had to do with me trying to get my life in order and make better decisions for myself," she told Essence. "I'm seeing all these wonderful things happen for her and I am happy for her. But I want a path."

Rowland recently appeared on the Russ Parr Morning Show, where she spoke about not striving to achieve what Knowles has.

"It's not about achieving her level but achieving my own. So many people were like, 'When you gon' do this like Bey,'" Rowland revealed on the morning show. "When you're in a relationship and somebody's comparing you and your sister as well, you're hearing it all the time. That to you starts to sound like a normal thing when it's not."

Rowland said she thinks it is insane when people try to hold her to the same standard as Knowles.

"The world would be boring if we all did the same thing over and over again. And I don't want to be on her (Beyonce's) level," Rowland said on the nationally syndicated hip hop and R&B morning show. "I want my own. And Michelle wants her own. When people compare, it's just so insane to me."