Kelsey Grammer Renews Vows, Gets Tattoo: Signs of Mid-Life Crisis?

Actor Kelsey Grammer and his pregnant wife Kayte Walsh have renewed their vows in Las Vegas, reports state. The couple married just last year in New York but chose to wait until now to host a "flashy" wedding.

"It was emotional," the owner of the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas told Us Weekly. "He was choked up about the whole time and you can tell they are very much in love and happy. He had tears of joy," Greg Smith revealed.

"The inspiration for doing it here was the Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley scene at the end of the movie 'Viva Las Vegas.' They just said they liked the movie and it is a classic favorite of theirs- Kelsey says he even has a poster from the film," Smith explained.

This is the fourth marriage for Grammer, who was locked in an intense custody battle with former wife Camille until recently. The couple now shares custody of Mason and Jude, and Camile stars on the series "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Could the trip to Vegas be part of a mid-life crisis? has reported that Grammer appears to be going through some type of ordeal, though it is unclassified at this time. Sources have noted that Grammer, who is 57, got his first tattoo immediately following the renewal ceremony.

"What's next? Is he going to pierce his ears and get a Mohawk? He will be collecting Social Security when the twins are in elementary school, yet Kayte and Kelsey want to have even more children after the twins," the source revealed.

"I seriously think Kelsey is going through a mid-life crisis. He has married a woman who is 25 years younger than him, recently got his first tattoo, of her name. He decides to renew his wedding vows after being married for a little over a year? This behavior is far away from the Kelsey that I have known for years. It's like he's reliving his youth; he used to be such a private person," the insider added.

Those statements were echoed by another unnamed source who was shocked by Grammer's decision to get inked, especially in light of the fact that he has explicitly told his children they are never to get tattoos, no matter their age.

"This is his first tattoo, and it appears that he is trying to be someone he isn't for his new wife. It's sad that Kelsey felt he had to get a tattoo to prove his love for Kayte, and then to post it to Twitter? Well, this just isn't the Kelsey Grammer that his friends know," said the source.