Kelsey Grammer Windmills Investment: Lost 6 Figures

Comedian and actor Kelsey Grammar admitted recently that he lost a fortune investing in windmills, and it wasn't very funny.

The former "Cheers" and "Frasier" actor said recently that he lost "six figures" while investing in windmills a "while back."

"Big wind is doing OK ... but it was a small wind investment and it cost me a lot of money," he told TMZ.

While the idea of investing in windmills may seem unconventional, it is more common that it may appear. Wind-generated power is a growing industry in the world's attempts to go green. Grammar's problem, as he suggested, was perhaps in limiting his investment to one type of company.

"Wind energy is still a very new industry and a certain amount of consolidation is likely, not to mention the probability of improved or industry-disruptive technology development," Budgeting the Nest advices. "For these reasons, investing in one or two companies would be risky."

The actor however, appears to be accepting his loss in stride.

"It's just one of those things that's just a straight loss," he said.

But that didn't prevent internet users from making fun of Grammer's loss.

"Hey, you wind some and you lose some," one user posted on the TMZ blog.

"We all know he was full of wind," another user chimed in.

Grammer and his former wife, Camille, obtained an official divorce in December of last year. It took nearly two years for the couple to make their divorce official, they had to split three homes and over $60 million in assets in court.