Kenny Rogers Memoir Fails to Mention Plastic Surgery?

Kenny Rogers has released his memoir titled "Luck or Something Like It," in which he discusses his career and his numerous marriages. Beyond being just a memoir, Roger's book is filled with seeming life lessons according to some critics.

Beginning with a humble start in the projects of Houston, Texas and ending with the fact that he's the 8th best selling male vocalist of all time, Rogers has apparently learned much along the way.

"Never assume today is like it was yesterday," Rogers said in one part of his book, released last week. Passed down by his grandfather, Rogers admits that thoughts like these are what brought him through the beginning of his music career and carried him through some of his highest points.

Rogers has also been through five marriages, and was accused of sexual harassment in 1993, which launched his career into a negative light for a period of time. Now 73 years old, Roger's new memoir is nothing like his first autobiography titled "Making It With Music," which was also released in 1993.

"The magic is inside of you. There ain't no crystal ball," is a second quote that Roger's borrows, this time from Dolly Parton. The quote bears resemblance to one of many things that Rogers appears to have learned from his friends along his life journey, many of whom are also stars.

One topic, however, that does not appear to show up in the book, is Roger's history with plastic surgery. The country singer has been heavily criticized for having too much work done in the past.

"I wonder if he talks about his love of plastic surgery," one fan asked on the Entertainment Weekly blog.

"He does not," a second fan responded adding that in "an interview with him he says he doesn't talk about that, because it's something everyone already knows about. So he didn't want to waste space in the book (or on the book tour) talking about it."