Friday, March 23, 2012
Kent Bazemore Arrest: NBA Draft Prospect Detained Before Final Game

Kent Bazemore Arrest: NBA Draft Prospect Detained Before Final Game

A college basketball player whose coach says that he has a lot of potential didn't make his quarterfinal game after being arrested Wednesday night. The game marked the college senior's last.

Kent Bazemore, who played for Old Dominion University, was detained Wednesday night at the Constant Convocation Center only minutes before the CIT quarterfinal game began.

Bazemore's absence might have cost the game, as the team lost to Mercer 79-73.

In August of last year, Bazemore was arrested for drinking and driving and charged with a DUI. The player was then sentenced to mandatory classes. After failing to attend class, Bazemore was summoned to court. Following his missed court appearance in February, a warrant was issued for the player's arrest.

Bazemore was taken to a Virginia Beach jail where he was booked and fingerprinted before his release. ODU released an immediate notice concerning the player's absence.

"Kent Bazemore was suspended prior to the game for a possible conduct issue. We cannot comment further at this time as this is a student privacy issue. Information is still being gathered," stated the university.

"Coach Blaine Taylor said in a statement Thursday he would have told Bazemore to complete his requirements if he had come to him. He says Bazemore has a bright future in basketball," the ESPN reported.

Bazemore has enough potential in fact, to be considered for the NBA draft. ODU's loss marked the last game for the college team, which means Bazemore should now have time to get his affairs in order before the NBA draft begins.

The player's lawyer was defensive about the timing of the arrest.

"It's just crazy how they did this to this poor kid," Bazemore's lawyer, Peter Decker III, told The Virginian-Pilot on Thursday, criticizing the timing of the arrest.

"All I can imagine is that he had a lot going on, including the [conference] tournament, during this time period. He's a college kid. He misplaced his priorities. He didn't follow through, and he needs to learn from that," said Drecker.


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