2 Killed in College Shooting in Kentucky; Suspect in Custody (VIDEO)

A Kentucky college shooting has seen two victims killed and a third injured on Tuesday afternoon.

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(Photo: YouTube/CNN)News breaks about a Kentucky college shooting; two people were killed and a third was injured on Tuesday Jan. 15, 2013.

Authorities have confirmed that a shooting incident took place at Hazard Community and Technical College about 5.30 p.m. local time, resulting in two people being killed and another being injured.

All three shootings took place in a parking lot of a Kentucky community college, according to CBS12.

Authorities immediately moved to lock down the campus, and the college was in a state of emergency for hours.

An extensive search was made for the shooter, however, the school's president, Stephen Greiner, reported that after all the buildings were thoroughly searched there was still no sign of the killer.

Police spokesman Tony Watts has reported that following the incident two people attended the Kentucky State Police Station in Hazard.

He was unable to immediately confirm at the time whether the two people were actual suspects or whether they were just witnesses of the crime. However, later on reports emerged that one of the two was allegedly the shooter and the other person was a relative of the suspect.

The injured teenager in the shootings was said to have been flown to the University of Kentucky hospital 120 miles away from the college.

A notice on the school's website said that an "incident" had occurred on campus, adding, "We ask that you please stay away from campus at this time."

Here is a video report of the shooting: