Kenya Moore Regrets Threatening Pregnant Phaedra Parks

Kenya Moore, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" television personality and former Miss USA, is apologizing after threatening her pregnant co-star Phaedra Parks on national television.

Moore made her debut on the reality television series during its fifth season, where tensions with Parks rose. During the season five reunion, Moore used a physical threat to speak about the possibility of a battle between she and Parks taking a turn for the worst.

"You will be picking up your teeth off the floor, pregnant and all," Moore told Parks on the reunion show Sunday.

Parks, an attorney in Atlanta, had a rebuttal for her fellow cast member.

"You've got a fake boyfriend, a fake house– nothing's original about you, darling," Parks told Moore on the reunion show.

The co-stars have been battling over the release of similar physical fitness DVDs on and off of the show. However, Moore decided to explain her position on the matter by taking to her blog on

"I hate liars. We all saw Phaedra lie last season about the timing of her pregnancy, lie to Cynthia, etc," Moore wrote in her blog. "She never told the truth and will never tell the truth about her video sales. However, that didn't warrant any threat toward a pregnant woman."

Although Moore seemed to regret physically threatening her pregnant co-star, she also spoke about what made her so angry at Parks.

"I was keeping my composure but that was unacceptable. Having said that, whether you are #TeamStallion or team broke-down donkey, my fitness video sales have broken records and the video is and remains more successful than hers," Moore said. "The facts are the facts. I've outsold her and have the more successful video. She can lie about my 'fake' body all she wants, no one cares or believes her. Nice try phony Phae Phae, your smear campaign was an epic failure."