Kevin Bacon: 'Subway My Transport of Choice in NYC' - Admits to Having $500 Mask

Actor Kevin Bacon has admitted that the best way to travel around New York City is while playing Angry Birds on the subway.

Famous actor or not, Kevin Bacon isn't afraid of taking public transportation. While perhaps not the most glamorous ride, it is the fastest method to getting around, the actor said.

"I take the subway every day. It's the fastest way to get around the city," the actor told People magazine last week.

That actor does what any New Yorker would do on the train and pulls out a toy to play with, seemingly unfazed by the fact that he could be easily recognized.

"When I'm on the train, I play Solitaire, Angry Birds and Backgammon on my phone," the actor told the magazine.

But that's not how Bacon always felt. At one point that actor, tired of being recognized as a celebrity, revealed that he spent over $500 on a mask in an attempt to disguise his face.

"You wouldn't have recognized me if I was standing next to you," Bacon told the L.A. Times during a 2011 interview.

Unfortunately, being a celebrity was not the most pleasant experience according to the "X-Men" actor.

However, needing a mask had its downside as well, and Bacon amusingly explained how it was going out in public with it: "It was really bizarre and I didn't really like it. I didn't like it at all. People cut in front of you and when you're at a check-out counter it's just … different. People weren't all that nice to me. I'm just not used to it."

After leaving his Philadelphia home at the age of 18, Bacon moved to New York where he quickly gained fame.

"I can't imagine life without it (fame)," the actor admitted.

Bacon, 54, will be the star of the new Fox Thriller, "The Following."