Kevin Durant Catches Heat for Working Out With Lebron James After NBA Finals Loss

Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder forward, and championship-winning Miami Heat forward Lebron James are training together during the NBA offseason, but the former may be catching some heat for doing so.

Skip Bayless, ESPN commentator, recently called the 23-year-old Durant out for training with the man who beat him in the 2012 NBA finals.

"Wake up @KDTrey5. You let LeBron play in Finals comfort zone G2-5 b/c you like/respect him so much," Bayless tweeted Durant after he took to Twitter to speak about working out with James. "Must get in his head, under his skin."

However, Durant reportedly had a rebuttal waiting for Bayless on the social networking website. Although Durant's Twitter page does not contain the message, many people retweeted his response and speculated about him deleting his comment.

"@RealSkipBayss u brainwashing these people out here, they think since u on espn you know what u talkin bout (sic)," Durant reportedly tweeted. "Please, nobody owns me."

However, Bayless did not let up on his Twitter tirade of Durant.

"I'm sorry but Kevin Durant just doesn't get it when it comes to Russell Westbrook and LeBron James. So @KDTrey5: I've said you're NBA's best player, defended you & you AGAIN say I don't know what I'm talking about," Bayless tweeted the Thunder forward. "Remember @KDTrey5: LeBron now has a ring. You don't."

While Bayless invited Durant to appear on his ESPN debate show "First Take," the commentator's own Twitter debate began after he read a Twitter exchange between the Thunder forward and James.

"Just finished a great workout with @KDTrey5," James tweeted about his workout with Durant Tuesday. "On court work, ran the hill and finished running the football field. #StriveforGreatness."

Despite Bayless' opinions, Durant took to his Twitter account to speak about benefiting from working out with the Heat star.

"I got better today," Durant tweeted. "That's all that matters."

Still, Bayless insisted that he was teaching the young basketball star a lesson.

"Some day @KDTrey5 you'll realize how RIGHT I am about you/LeBron," Bayless tweeted. "CAN'T let primary rival be ur best friend, esp. when he's mentally fragile."