Kevin Durant Describes What He is Thankful For

Kevin Durant, Christian Oklahoma City Thunder star forward, is speaking up about what he is thankful for this holiday season.

The day before Thanksgiving, Durant and the Thunder bested the Los Angeles Clippers. However, the star forward spoke to the media about some things that he was thankful for before the game.

"That's one of those questions it's going to take me awhile to answer that. Uh, to be honest I seen a homeless guy on the street not too long ago," Durant said in a recent NewsOk report. "It'd be cool if I could just give him as much money as I can just to get him on his feet. That would be cool. I'd like to see something like that."

The NBA player listed his family as a support system that he is thankful for along with the trials in his life.

"Just my family and their support. And, um, I'm thankful for a lot, man. I'm thankful for trials and tribulations and hard times and learning from them," Durant told the press. "I'm thankful for just having good people in my life. God surrounded me with good people ever since I was young. So I guess those three things are the best, my family, tough times and good people."

The All-Star gold medal winning Olympian said he is thankful to be given the platform to play basketball at a professional level.

"Well, I'm really thankful that He's given me a platform to show what I got," Durant continued. "So I'm really blessed."

While Durant may not be ready to admit his greatness just yet, he has admitted that he is on a mission to become a better Christian.

"I just want to grow spiritually with the Lord. I'm keeping strong at it, just trying to make my walk with faith a little better," Durant told the press a few seasons ago. "That's making me a better person, opening my eyes to things and I'm also maturing as a person. I'm just trying to grow."