Kevin Durant Injury Update: Still No Sign of Immediate Comeback

Reuters/Geoff Burke-USA TODAY SportsGolden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant (35) holds his knee after being injured against the Washington Wizards in the first quarter at Verizon Center last Feb 28, 2017 in Washington, DC.

One of the best playmakers of the NBA's Golden State Warriors, Kevin Durant, has reportedly taken a few moments for some practice shooting. However, an immediate comeback remains unclear.

Reports have it that Durant went back to the court alongside Stephen Curry to join the team's practice on Saturday. Several media outlets were allowed to enter the venue while the Golden State Warriors' practice was ongoing, which paved the way for the most recent sighting of Durant.

Last month, Durant suffered a medial collateral ligament, aka MCL, injury. The MCL is a band of tissue connecting the thighbone and the lower leg bone. The injury happens when a person tears or sprains the MCL, which was the case when Durant accidentally hyperextended his left knee.

However, reports have it that despite the progress that Durant is making, the team maintains that nothing has changed in the timetable of the player's healing process. They are also choosing to remain quiet about any target dates for Durant's return. However, the team did reportedly share that the NBA All-star player will be re-evaluated for his MCL injury in the coming weeks.

His team obviously wants to let Durant focus on making a full recovery and is waiting for the right time when he is completely ready to come back.

Draymond Green shared how he approaches Durant's recovery and absence in the games to come, saying (via SFGate): "You just try to let a guy rehab and do what he wants to do at his own pace. I feel like when you start talking to a guy — 'Hey, man, how you doing?' — then all of a sudden they want to rush back. ... Take your time. Get right. When he's ready, obviously, we want him back out there."

Durant also tries to remain positive despite the bad injury that forced him to be sidelined in the upcoming crucial weeks of the league now that playoffs are right around the corner.

Earlier this month, Durant said that a lot of worse things could have happened, other than hurting his knee. He added (via USA Today): "A lot of guys go through this throughout the season, a lot of injuries. It's nothing for everybody to be concerned about. I got a boo-boo playing basketball. It is what it is, man, so I'm OK. My spirits are good."