Kevin Federline Trashed Mansion? It Wasn't Me, It Was 'Golf Balls'

Kevin Federline is being sued after allegedly causing $110,000 worth of damage to a mansion he rented in 2008, but the singer says it is not his fault. Instead he has placed the blame on flying golf balls.

Federline rented the Los Angeles mansion from Joseph Malek in 2008, but is now being sued after Malek alleges that Federline trashed the abode during his stay and then failed to pay for both damages and the full amount of rent, according to TMZ.

The rapper and former ex of Britney Spears has denied all claims however, according to a police report in which he states: "Damages to the home were actually due to normal wear and tear, and other damages were caused by golf balls hitting the property."

As far as payment goes, Federline alleges that if anything, he actually over paid the landlord for his stay. Federline states that his agreement with his landlord was satisfied in 2009, after he paid $60,000 to cover missing rent in addition to allowing Malek to keep the security deposit.

The new charges however, have made Federline less benevolent. He will now seek twice his security back in addition to legal fees and statutory damages, according to Mail Online.

While some users questioned the length of time the landlord waited in order to pursue the suit, other suggested that Federline had it coming.

"4 years later the landlord is pursuing this? Sounds rather fishy to me. I'd be interested to see what the current situation is with tenants," Deena asked on the Mail Online blog.

"I guess Karma hasn't finished her business with him," another user prompted. "Where's he going to get the money from, cus it isn't gunna come from Britney's bank account."