Kevin Garnett Retiring? NBA Star Speaks on 'Exhausting' Games

Kevin Garnett, the 36-year-old Boston Celtics guard, may have hinted at his retirement after this season.

Garnett, who has appeared in 15 All-Star games, revealed that Sunday's All-Star game would be his last in a Boston Herald Report.

"This is definitely my last All-Star Game," Garnett said. "Ya'll don't know what I know. I'm more than grateful, and I'm not going to act like I have more All-Star Games in me. I'll enjoy this one with friends and family."

Garnett's comments come after a 71-69 win over the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday. Although the Celtics big man potentially has $24.4 million left on his NBA contract that could take him through the 2015 basketball season, Celtics Hub featured a post-game interview with Garnett that left some wondering about his retirement.

"All Star Game for me at least is a chance to interact with everybody. For it being my last, I got some family coming down," Garnett said in the interview. "You know me, I'm all about the rest. I'm all about the family. That's what I plan on doing."

When the reporter asked Garnett about the two years left on his contract, the center and forward answered, "ya'll don't know what I know."

In a report on, Garnett admitted that the last few games have been tiresome.

"The last four or five days have been exhausting," he said. "Mentally more than physical."

A number of NBA fans took to Twitter to react to the possibility of Garnett retiring.

"First Ray Lewis retires now Kevin Garnett thinking about retiring...all my favorite defensive players leaving," one person tweeted.

Another fan echoed the same sentiments on the social media networking website stating, "That will be a sad day!Kevin is an inspiration to EVERYONE he has played with."

The Celtics have yet to make an official statement about Garnett's alleged plans to retire.