Kevin James Weight Loss: Actor Was 'Drinking Greens, Running, and Sparring' for 14 Months

Actor Kevin James went through an extreme routine, according to reports, in order to lose weight for his upcoming film "Here Comes the Boom."

Last year Kevin James was bordering on an unhealthy weight. Witnessed by fans who went out to theaters last year to watch "Grown Ups 2," it appeared that the actor's waist had grown too.

"It got to a point where I hit my all-time high. I got on the scale and it read 290 pounds. Not good, not good at all," the actor said in a January 2011 interview on the David Letterman show. "I realized I'm only 10 pounds away from 300. [Then] I got to 302."

It was a breaking point for the actor, who then said he dropped 40 pounds for the sake of his health and his family. But for his latest film, James was forced to go through a whole new extreme.

He trained for 14 months, working out three times a day, drinking greens, running and sparring according to a recent interview with CNN.

"I threw my back out … getting into a town car. That'll show you the kind of shape I'm in now. How far I've let myself go," he said.

Getting fit was an important for his next film "Here Come the Boom," because James is required to play a UFC fighter. James co-wrote and co-produced the action comedy, which is due out in theaters on Friday.

The film is based around a biology teacher, James, who becomes a UFC martial arts fighter in order to raise money for his school. According to the actor, this film is unlike his others and was made with the blessing of the UFC.

"I had to promise them I'm going to make this thing as realistic as possible," the actor said. "It's going to be something that [fans] haven't seen in me before."