Kevin Smith Calls Bruce Willis 'Bitter' and 'Mean,' Reigniting Feud

Kevin Smith, the screenwriter, actor, director, and comedian, has reignited his feud with Bruce Willis via incendiary comments posted on his Twitter account.

Kevin Smith's feud with Bruce Willis- while extending back to their working together on the movie "Cop Out"- was revisited Thursday when he tweeted about his terrible work experience with the actor. Willis' "bitter" demeanor was disguised in Smith's "Trivia Challenge," when he asked followers to guess who he was referring to.

"He turned out to be the unhappiest, most bitter and meanest emo-b---- I ever met at any job I've ever held," tweeted Smith. "And mind you, I worked at Domino's."

Almost immediately, a Twitter user and fan of Smith responded with "Bruce Willis," and the "Clerks" director called it correct, saying the person had won a prize for their efforts.

"Via @fckfeardrnkbeer 'bruce willis' Took you all of 31 secs! WINNER-WINNER! Hit up @megels233 for prize list inclusion," posted Smith.

Though it is unknown if Smith intentionally meant to lash out at Willis two years after the release of "Cop Out," the comment certainly could stir up controversy.

The bad blood between the two started when reports surfaced that Smith and Willis' working relationship on set was strained. The director alleged that working with Willis as an actor was "soul-crushing" and that he had "no f---ing help from this dude whatsoever."

Exacerbating the situation was a talent representative who worked on set, who told The Hollywood Reporter that Smith's excessive use of marijuana- especially while on set- was hindering his work as a director.

"He smokes way too much pot," said the talent rep. "He sat behind his monitor. He didn't interact with the actors. The actors felt they were on their own."

While actors like Willis felt ignored, according to the unnamed representative, Smith denied that he was "smoking so much weed" that it hindered production.

"I dealt with every actor who wanted to be dealt with on that set," he wrote in an email to The Hollywood Reporter. "If I was smoking so much weed, how did I manage to not only bring the film in on schedule but under budget? If I was supposedly so stoned, how could I shoot all day THEN edit the film myself all night?"

"Yes – what a big, fat, lazy, unenthused stoner I must be," Smith added.

Willis has not publicly responded to Smith's comments.