Khloe and Lamar Marriage Rumors Persist: 'She Had Me Followed,' Alleges Jennifer Richardson

Khloe Kardashian's marriage to NBA player Lamar Odom is still the subject of rumors, as claims that the athlete is guilty of multiple affairs continue to be revealed. In a new interview, one of Odom's alleged mistresses claims Kardashian knew of the affair and had her followed.

Jennifer Richardson, an L.A. entrepreneur, claims to have had a yearlong affair with Lamar Odom during his four-year marriage to Khloe Kardashian. In a recent magazine interview, Richardson claims that Kardashian knew of the affair and had her followed because of it.

"They had private investigators following me for weeks," Richardson told In Touch magazine. "I was very, very intimidated and scared."

The affair ended in April, according to Richardson. But days after, both she and Kardashian ended up at the same LA Clippers game where she says she was seated in box seats two rows ahead of the reality star.

"Khloé never said a word to me," Richardson told the magazine, "but she kept cutting her eyes at me. That's when I knew she knew."

Richardson also described Kardashian as overbearing, suggesting that she always wanted to know where he was.

"She's constantly looking for Lamar and trying to find out where he is, calling him, calling his assistant," said Richardson. "Lamar would just hit 'ignore.'"

A report surfaced on Monday that the pair had filed for divorce, although conflicting reports insisted that the rumor was untrue. A second woman has also come forward alleging that she had an affair with Odom for over a six-week period. Both women have claimed that Kardashian became aware of the affairs.

The second woman, Polina Polonsky, went as far as to take a lie detector test according to Radar Online, who reported that she passed. Polonsky said in a previous interview that she was afraid of Kardashian after the reality star came knocking on her door one day.

"I told her to leave, but she refused. I called the front desk and asked them to call the police because I was so scared, but no one ever came," Polonsky alleged to Radar Online. "While Khloe was screaming outside the door, Lamar was calling people to come and get her. She was out of control."