Khloe Kardashian-Odom Inspired by Fertility Issues to Launch Health Campaign for Girls

Khloe Kardashian-Odom, reality television star and host of "X Factor," is launching a campaign with the aim of getting young women to learn more about their health.

Kardashian-Odom appeared on "Good Morning America" Thursday to promote Generation Know, a U by Kotex campaign that comes complete with a website that young women can utilize as a forum to learn more about their bodies.

The 28-year-old reality television star explained why it was so important for her to become involved in the campaign.

"Well this is the third year that I've partnered with U by Kotex and it was such an honor to me to be asked this because there's so many girls in my family," Kardashian-Odom said on GMA. "But when you're young, I have two older sisters one who is five years older one who is three years older.. I really didn't have anyone to go to to ask the things that you're embarrassed about or the things you might not be comfortable asking anybody."

Although Kardashian-Odom seems to have candid conversations with her sisters on their multiple reality television shows, she explained that she felt differently growing up.

"When you're 10 and one's 15, your kind of embarrassed," the "X Factor" host revealed. "I would go to my mom but you don't really ask everything you want to ask."

The U by Kotex brand ambassador explained the Generation Know website and why girls should utilize it.

"You can go to There's mythbusters which I love because there's so many things people tell you that you may think is true or not true. And it's a forum to go on there, ask questions if you are embarrassed," Kardashian-Odom explained. "Sign up, people can help you, you get to bust all these myths. It's just so informative and I love that because I have two little sisters. If they ask me something I can direct them to this."

Kardashian-Odom also opened up about her issues with fertility making her role in being a part of Generation Know more important.

"I've always been really open and honest about it and that is one of the best things. Kimberly is the one that made me go to the doctor and check my body and figure out what was wrong if anything. And that is also why I'm so proud to be a part of a brand like U by Kotex," Kardashian-Odom said on GMA. "That's what we're encouraging, women to just be aware of their bodies and to know if there are issues."

Still, the reality television star married to NBA forward Lamar Odom said she is in no rush to have a child at this moment.

"I've been married three years, we're still enjoying the newlywed phase," she said.