Khloe Kardashian's Husband Lamar Odom Attacks Paparazzi, Influenced By Kanye West? (VIDEO)

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REUTERS/Danny MoloshokLos Angeles Lakers' Lamar Odom and his wife television personality Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odom's recent attack on a paparazzi photographer undoubtedly shocked fans of the NBA star and his wife, Khloe Kardashian, and a new report claims he may have been influenced by Kanye West.

On Wednesday the father-of-two, 33, was filmed trashing a photographer's vehicle, camera and other belongings during an intense confrontation. Kardashian, 28, took to Twitter where she defended her husband's attack on the photographer by suggesting that they were tired of being "stalked."

A source claims that Odom previously sought advice from West, who is the boyfriend of Kardashian's sister Kim, as the rapper is renowned for standing up against the paparazzi.

"Lamar once asked Kanye how he deals with people following him out in the streets and Kanye told him he 'hates it' and to 'man up on one of them one day and that will get them to leave you the f--- alone," a source told "You see, now they leave Kanye alone and hopefully they will leave Lamar alone as well."

Odom, who was visibly enraged during the incident, reportedly smashed two vehicles belonging to two photographers in Hollywood. In one video posted by, the reality TV star is seen clutching a metal bar as he trashes the vehicles and at one point even places camera gear in his trunk.

One of the photographers reportedly filed a police report for vandalism after video footage of the incident went viral on social networking sites.
Reports claim that ongoing rumors surrounding Odom's three-year marriage to Kardashian caused him to snap.

On June 10 two US tabloids claimed the NBA star cheated on Kardashian with a woman by the name of Jennifer Richardson. It was also alleged that the reality TV star kicked Odom out of their marital home over the scandal however a source denied these rumors.

"They're more in love than ever," a source told MailOnline. "Khloe did not kick Omar out of the house, they are 100% fine."