Kid Rock Harley Deal 'Made Sense,' Excites Fans

Kid Rock announced Monday that he has joined forces with Harley-Davidson.

The partnership, which the 42-year-old performer referred to as a "dream deal," includes Harley-Davidson sponsoring his upcoming tour.

Furthermore, Kid Rock said that the deal "just made sense" because the motorcycle company is "something I've used that I've loved for a long time before this deal came about," according to The Associated Press.

The Detroit, Michigan native compared his Harley sponsorship to his from Jim Beam.

Alternately, Harley's chief marketing director Mark-Hans Richer also spoke fondly of the collaboration with Kid Rock.

"He's got a strong attitude, a great personality, he's a real rider," Richer told AP.

The director declined to comment on the exact terms of the partnership, but Kid Rock admitted that money played a role.

"Honestly, it's always about the money, yes, but more importantly, it's about something you truly believe in and truly use," said the "Picture" singer.

"At least, people that like what I do and are into what I do understand that," Kid Rock added.

The upcoming tour is named after Kid Rock's most recent release "Rebel Soul," and the collaboration between the rock-n-roller and Harley will also see an exclusive line of limited edition cobranded with the same name.

"Rebel Soul" merchandise features a line from the song: "I can't hear you over the rumble of my freedom," reported The Huffington Post.

The tour kicks off in Kansas City on Friday and will wrap up on Aug. 31 at Harley's 110th anniversary celebration in its hometown, Milwaukee.

Meanwhile, Kid Rock fans have reacted to the partnership with Harley-Davidson via Twitter this week.

"Kid Rock has just signed a partnership deal w Harley Davidson," posted Riki. "That's like mw signing a deal w fishing boats."

Blogs n'Roses wrote, "Kid Rock and Harley Davidson together at last. I was worried he would consider selling out."