Kid Rock on Justin Bieber: He Will Fade Away Like Vanilla Ice

Kid Rock told listeners on the Howard Stern Show that he feels Justin Bieber will go the way of former 90's star Vanilla Ice and slowly fade into obscurity.

Rock was on the radio show to promote his $20 Best Night Ever tour, in which the rocker is only charging fans $20 a ticket. The conversation then shifted to Justin Bieber and his recent troubles.

"Tell me if this is wrong," he asked Stern. "Justin Bieber ... is 100 percent like watching Vanilla Ice all over again. It's exactly the same."

Stern quipped that Vanilla Ice was a one-hit wonder, to which Rock responded, "Well, then as soon as Bieber has a hit, he'll be like Vanilla Ice."

Bieber has been on the wrong end of the spotlight lately, after numerous reports surfaced citing sources revealing the pop stars erratic behavior.

Most recently was the incident involving Bieber and a possible hit and run charge in Los Angeles, but he was cleared of any wrongdoing.

Los Angeles police cleared Justin Bieber in a hit and run incident that took place Monday night after a member of the paparazzi charged that Bieber had pinned him between two cars.

Justin Bieber was accused of hitting a member of the paparazzi in his white Ferrari as he exited a club on Sunset Boulevard Monday night. The incident took place some time around 11:45 pm, according to reports. Bieber was pulling out of the Laughing Factory when he allegedly pinned a photographer between his car and a parked car behind him.

Other photographers were on site according to TMZ, and witnessed the incident take place. Bieber was also driving with Lil Twist as his passenger. The photographer who was hit was taken to the hospital where he was examined for injury. It was unclear at the time of the report whether the paparazzi member had suffered any injury at all.