Kidnapped Texas Boy to be Reunited With Siblings After Being Abducted for 8 Years by Babysitter

A kidnapped Texas boy is to be reunited with his siblings eight years after being snatched away as a baby, and court has ruled on Wednesday.

Miguel Morin was only 8 months old when he was snatched from his home in Houston, Texas. He was moved around Texas for eight years before being found and placed in foster care.

However, now Morin will have the opportunity to be reunited and live with his siblings after a judge ruled that he should be taken out of foster care.

State District Judge Mike Schneider ordered that the 8 year old be placed in the custody of a couple caring for his four siblings - Juanita and Joseph Aguillard.

Morin has been in foster care since being found by authorities at a Houston home belonging to his former babysitter's sister in March 2012. Over the eight years he was abducted, officials believe he spent most of his time being moved around East and Central Texas to avoid detection.

The young boy's former babysitter, Krystle Tanner, and her mother, Gloria Walker, have now been charged with Morin's kidnapping in 2004. They have pleaded not guilty, but are currently awaiting trial in a jail in San Augustine, which is nearly 150 miles northeast of Houston.

Morin's biological parents are still alive, and Estella Olguin, a spokeswoman for Child Protective Services in Houston, has said that the ultimate goal for them is to have his parents, Auboni Champion-Morin and Fernando Morin, and the Aguillards share joint custody. They believe this will be best for the eight year old so that he can develop a relationship with both his parents and his siblings. However, they have indicated that things will be taken one step at a time in deciding ultimately where Morin will be.

Officials are now completing all the formalities and Morin should be able to move in with his siblings on Friday.

Officials and the family have refused to offer any reasons why Morin's four siblings live with the Aguillards instead of their biological parents, simply citing privacy issues.

When Morin was found by authorities they learned that he had never been to school and had not been taught to read or write. However, since joining school he has caught up with other students his age in second grade and is doing well.

Morin has been informed about the identify of his real parents and has been joining therapy sessions with his mom and dad on a weekly basis. He has also visited his siblings before at the Aguillards' home, and stayed with them at Christmas.

Juanita Aguillard has said, "He bonded with his brothers and sisters from day one. He loves the family," according to The Associated Press.