Kids Alcohol Mimosas? Restaurant Serves Kids Alcohol Instead of Orange Juice (VIDEO)

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(Wikimedia Commons/File)Orange Juice

Kids have been served alcohol mimosas instead of orange juice by accident in one restaurant in Rochester, in an outrageous incident that made the children "drunk" on Sunday.

The parents of the three young children, aged two to seven, have claimed that their kids were left drunk at Bazil restaurant in New York after the shocking mistake.

Parents, Jeremy and Dawn DeRoo, have explained that their 7 year old complained that the orange juice tasted funny. Dawn tasted it herself but thought it must just be a different brand of OJ than they were used to.

However, other diners later also complained that their juices tasted wrong, and claimed that the drink being served was a mimosa. The parents quickly informed the waitress, who apologized and brought out milk for the children instead.

The restaurant did not address the fact that the kids had already drunk a good amount of their cocktails, and the dissatisfied parents called police to report the restaurant.

But they claim they were told by authorities that the incident seemed like a mistake and that if so it was not criminal in nature.

The parents refuse to let things slide though, and have described that their young kids were left drunk, and even suffered a hangover, sleeping all day the following day.

The father angrily expressed, "That's not good enough for parents having kids, drunk and sleeping all day. It's not fair. These little kids shouldn't have any alcohol period."

The owner of the restaurant, Danny Daniele, has said that he later contacted the parents personally to apologize, and also offered them a refund for their entire meal. He reassured that steps are being taken to ensure the mistake does not happen again.

The parents of the kids have confirmed they do not plan to sue.