Kiefer Sutherland Returns as Jack Bauer in '24: Live Another Day' (TRAILER VIDEO)

(Photo: Reuters/Toru Hanai)Cast member of "24" Kiefer Sutherland answers a question during a promotional event in Tokyo November 16, 2010.

Actor Kiefer Sutherland returns as questionable hero Jack Bauer in the limited series "24: Live Another Day," which premieres Monday, May 5. It's the first time in four years that the show returns to Fox, and Sutherland has admitted that he is quite nervous about the new shows.

Bauer told TV Guide Magazine that he was in touch with executive producer Howard Gordon, who then said he had "this thing that's been gnawing at me." That "thing" turned out to be the return of Jack Bauer and a 12-episode arc of the series that finds analyst Chloe O'Brian dealing with the fallout of all that happened and living in London.

"There was a real sense of accomplishment," Sutherland said of the series finale. "We always said there were things we could do better or tried to improve on, but I was as proud of '24' as anything I've ever done. So now we owe it to the franchise and our audience to maintain that extraordinary level of quality and heart-pounding drama."

What should fans expect from "Live Another Day"? Plenty of action, drama, murder just to begin with. The series picks up in London, with a much different, and darker Chloe than fans will remember or expect.

"She's nearly as dark as Jack is," Sutherland revealed. "But in a reverse of previous seasons, Jack gets more in touch with the human aspects of his character as time progresses. When we first see him, he's no longer affiliated with CTU or governed by an administration. He's been displaced from his family, from his country, and he's unable to explain his side of the story … He's being hunted by the CIA and FBI and is in a very angry place where he doesn't trust anybody."

Sutherland also revealed that he suffered actual injuries while filming but is proud of what he accomplished in the series.

"24: Live Another Day" premieres Monday on Fox.

Watch a trailer for the show here: