Killed Moving a Rabbit: Man Hit By Car Helping Injured Rabbit (VIDEO)

An elderly man has been killed moving a rabbit from a highway in Wyoming, according to authorities, in what appears to be a tragic accident.

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(Photo: Reuters/Punit Paranjpe)A rabbit is shown in this file photo.

The victim was reportedly attempting to move an injured rabbit that was on the two-lane highway west of Laramie, when he was hit by a car traveling on the road, according to the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

William Kieren, a 79 year old man from Laramie, was rushed to hospital in Fort Collins, Colo. following the road accident, but he later died from his injuries.

Authorities have reported that the accident took place at about 9 p.m. local time on Saturday on the Wyoming 230 highway, which is located about six miles west of Laramie.

Kieren is reported to have been traveling in his own vehicle along the highway when he saw the injured rabbit in the road. In an attempt to show compassion he stopped his car on the highway, and made his way to the rabbit.

However, when he was on or near the center line of the highway he was hit and critically injured by an oncoming vehicle.

When emergency responders attended the scene they described that the injured rabbit was still on the highway, and it was eventually put down by a trooper.

In 2011, rabbits caused problems on a Colorado highway when more than 60 were found abandoned on a road: